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Full Feature List

Unlimited Users, Custom User Roles & Permissions settings, and Full Historic Ticket Data: just some of the basic features available for all ticket volumes and versions of Cupenya


Working together with you

  • Unlimited Users

    Access for all managers and agents, no matter how fast you grow. Full control over individual user roles and access permissions.

  • Share & Publish Reports

    Share and generate direct links to any specific data set or report without creating new users or giving out access.

  • Export Data

    Export any and all of your data, reports, or dashboards (PDF, Excel, CSV, JPG, PNG, etc.).

  • Additional Data Sources & Data Fields*

    Connect and analyse your data from multiple sources, set and tag all your data the way you want it to be seen and used.

  • Multiple Teams Set Up*

    Create multiple teams within Cupenya for grouping permissions and access levels, assigning tickets, analysing group performance, and team filtering.

Reporting & Analysis

Actionable Analytics

  • Real Time Data

    Never lose anything again with full ticket history and up to the second data.

  • Drill Down Data Views

    All levels of report filtering for your tickets, on every view and dashboard - from overview to individual tickets / agents.

  • Trend Analysis

    Reports over time, see where you're lagging and excelling at any time, level or data point.

  • Benchmarking

    Set ticket thresholds and compare across teams, products, users/agents, clients.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Dig into the data that matters and establish exactly what is slowing down your First Response Time, delaying your Resolution Time, or affecting your Customer Satisfaction.

Ease of Use

Simple solutions for complex data

  • Pre-built Dashboards

    Instant access to 24 of the most common Customer Service KPIs

  • Custom KPIs & SLA Management*

    Set all your unique KPIs and SLAs for full and customised reports. Make the most of your data.

  • Custom & KPI Based Ticket Management*

    Turn your data into action by managing, grouping, and assigning tickets that meet defined criteria. View and handle all tickets that are currently outside of KPI thresholds and automatically assign tickets before that happens.

  • Macro Recommendations & AI

    Useful automation, not just because it sounds good. AI, Smart Answers, and Machine Learning can simplify and speed up your process, not do it all for you, no matter what they say. Ideal for training new agents.


Our service to you

  • Chat Support

    8 hours a day, 5 days a week

  • Self Service Help Centre

    Guides and FAQs to get you started

  • Phone and Chat Support*

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • 60+ Day Guidance Program*

    Personalised set up and as much guidance you want and need. Including full agent/management onboarding and specific improvement points.

Questions? We have answers

Every industry has its own unique challenges. Cupenya creates unique a solution geared to your industry. We help you take full advantage of analytics and ticket handling optimization techniques. Learn how.