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Lightning fast incident resolution

Benefit from smart systematic diagnostics based on past data and machine learning. Never lose time again because of wrong root-causing.

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  • Pattern matching technology that looks at all your successfully resolved incidents and learns from them.
  • Real-time smart routing that automatically identifies the root cause and best solution to incidents as they come in.
  • Data-driven templates containing the most commonly applied solution tasks to successfully resolve any incident.
  • Information-rich Action Cards that give engineers the necessary context to solve problems more effectively and efficiently.
  • Granular performance tracking of the resolution process for a better understanding of how your solution groups work.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities that allow you to dive into your incident data and run your process faster.

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Every industry has its own unique challenges. Cupenya creates unique a solution geared to your industry. We help you take full advantage of analytics as you transform your business. Learn how.